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This site ( compares products and product prices. Our pricebot is semiautomatic and finds the best prices from internet.

We are continually adding products. Please contact us to get your products listed for free!

Users and online shoppers

  1. Find best prices quickly and see comments and reviews about products and best and most trusted vendors.
  2. Up to date price. Pricebot checks prices regularly.
  3. Its completely free.
  4. Customer comments give great insights about products.

Webshops nad online retailers

  1. Get visibility for your products.
  2. See smart report how your product prices compare on overall market.
  3. Product pages are fully SEO optimized and you will get lots of quality backlinks that help your webshops organic growth.
  4. Its free to list products in this service.
  5. Possibility have ads on product pages that are important for your business.
  6. Access to analytics data about top products and seasonal products.

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