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SEM Finland Oy

At (Simrazer.com) we compare product prices. Our bot is automated to fetch best online prices daily. So you can save money and time!

We add products to catalog all the time so please contact us to add your products.

For private customers

  1. Find best prices quickly.
  2. Prices are updated regularly.
  3. Service is completely free.
  4. Reviews and customer comments give you more insight of the products.

For ecommerce stores

  1. Get more visibility for your products.
  2. We have SEO optimized product pages that provide authorative backlinks to your ecommerce store.
  3. Service is free for companies too.
  4. Businesses can have their paid ads on categories pages (for example TV:s, Laptops).
  5. We are developing analytics tools that provide information about seasonal products and most wanted products.

Company information

SEM Finland Oy
Company reg. 2097523-5


SEM Finland Oy
Vuorentaustantie 2, 33420 Tampere

You can email us at:

About us
Simrazer.com Vuorentaustantie 2, 33420 Tampere +358400856808 semfinlandoy@gmail.com Finland
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